Inktober 07-09

Still playing my little game of catch up, this has been such an interesting challenge so far and Im actually learning quite a bit, and building up some confidence with the pen. I think this next image will demonstrate something Ive learned

I started this final lot of justice leaguers with the Batman himself, but I'm really not happy with how it turned out, I would've loved to have spent more time on it but in the spirit of the challenge, I uploaded it and moved on. The interesting thing to me though is the discovery of how much more relaxed I am when Im not working on paper. To start this, I did a little test sketch on my small whiteboard, and it was fast, loose and easy, I was relaxed and I got quite a decent little sketch down.

My Scanner doesn't like my whiteboard very much

My Scanner doesn't like my whiteboard very much

What should have been rough actually turned out nicer than the final image. I need to be able to be that loose and relaxed on paper, I think Im still too tense and overthinking things, it should be about flow, thats something to work on.

Next Ive gone for the man of steel, Im happier with this one, its still not perfect, but I think the pose turned out better, I think I should've stuck with a thinner line for the S symbol, but otherwise, I think its come out pretty well.

Finally we have what I feel is the star of the month so far, Wonder Woman, Im really happy with how this one turned out, and I might come back and paint her properly after inktober is inkover. This brings me up to...9, and it is....the Im a week behind again....may have to do something drastic just for the sake of catching up.