Private Eyes

Recently I had a twitter conversation with twitterer (tweeter?) Jay the nerd kid after she posted a photo of herself playing around with 'Cinnamon', her stuffed cat. I said there should be some kind of animated series starring the two of them, she agreed and said someone needed to make it happen. So Iv'e sketched it out. I love writing little back-stories in my head when I work on something, and there are so many possibilities here. I'm thinking private eyes or detectives of some kind, with the gimmick being they have a flying bike, and its never fully established weather Cinnamon is a Cat, a Toy, or basically a short person, as shed always have aspects of all 3. Honestly I think its a dynamite concept, if Jay approves, I might try to flesh it out a bit more. 


The potential episode titles write themselves...Jay walking...Cinnamon do not!...Seen one, Cinnamon all...Jay and the Cat!