March update

Well its been awhile, man I'm bad at keeping this updated - OK New promise, do SOMETHING here at least once a week. A blog post, a Reyanimated (Oh I'm calling my comic thing Reyanimated now btw) a sketch, or a few more completed works that I'm actually happy with, something to make this more alive, more active. I've actually been working on a few things I'm not really allowed to show until they are released, hence the reason for the silence, but I've really been pushing a bunch of new ideas lately, and this week I can start to show a few things off. I've got some rather ambitious plans for the future, and it all starts right here. 

I've also been wondering what I should do with the animation / showreel part of my work, do I show it off here? I've been thinking it would be better served as a separate site with its own identity...I don't want to spread the focus and purpose of this site too thin.

Anyway, heres some sketches and works in progress! 


Dr Whom.jpg
girl sketch 1.png