Comically speaking

Well there it is, I'm throwing my hat in to the massively overcrowded web-comic arena. I've long thought about diving in, and I feel there are many benefits to tackling something like this. I have several ideas for a kind of ongoing serial style story Id like to produce, video series, comics, etc, but I've never tried to develop content on an ongoing basis, to a deadline, coming up with and producing a new idea every time. I don't know how I would tackle this artistically, creatively or how I could manage the workload and stay on top of it, among other projects I have to do. As well as an illustrated companion to my blog, I want my webcomic to be a kind of training ground, so that when I do try something more ambitious, Ill have a better idea of what the hell I'm doing. To that end, I'm going to be experimenting with everything from the art style, to what I want to say with this. My initial entry is inspired by the everyday musings of the massively talented Connie Sun, whose slice of life webcomic always brings a smile to my face, please check her out! And please let me know what you think of my first attempt: 'Drawing Desk'