Test aftermath

Todays comic:

I brought a Kanji to a Vocab fight

Well I did my test, gave it all I had, and now I wait for the results...which will be released in March. Bloody hell that's a bit much, it'll nearly be time for the next test by that point...anyway, I'm pretty confident I missed out this time, but I DID learn a lot. 2 months wasn't enough, but I have more months to play with now before I dive back in.  But I'm going to try to get back to doing updates here, I've been working on something for a game company, Ill see if its OK with them if I post some of my sketches and concepts here, pretty proud of it and hope to show it off soon.

For this latest webcomic, I tried a few new things - normally I try to do these on my tablet, so I can work on them anywhere at anytime I get an idea, also I love to work in a cafe in the sun. My program of choice has always been Procreate on my iPad, an app that is amazing and powerful and as good as any desktop painting app - the problem being that it has evolved so much since I started using it and its added so many features that my old iPad 2 cant really handle it anymore, I'm going to upgrade to an air pretty soon, but until then I've been trying out a few other programs trying to find a decent alternative. I painted this latest webcomic using Brushes, an interesting app, fun to use, and runs a lot smoother. Its strange jumping into a new app after getting used to one, its like trying to write with the opposite hand you're used to, you know the mechanics of it but it just doesn't work like it should. I need to play with this app a bit more, wrap my head around it. Ill be back with something Christmassy shortly!